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"Finding the HUMANity in Social Media & Marketing"


If you're online branding is out of control - let us help. 

Shanna Forrestall of Forrestall Consulting helps businesses and b busy professionals improve their branding and online marketing with cost effective and time saving strategies.  #dontbeamonkey #sms4u


online branding for business 

#dontbeamonkey - Your online image matters!

#dontbeamonkey - Your online image matters!

Know your social media is out of control?  Let us help.  
*  We design a customized branding and marketing plan to help you reach your goals.
*  We help you setup and/or cleanup your social media and online presence.
*  We teach you to create and curate better content for your social channels.
* We train you and/or your assistant(s) to manage your social media & online presence.
* We create quality digital assets like customized graphic posts, e-books, short videos,
key staff interviews (and more) that you can use on your website and social media.
Our goal is to save you time and money.

Contact us today to schedule a free 5-10 minute quick consult with Shanna.  

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