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An 8 1/2 minute short film written and produced by Shanna Forrestall.  Starring Escalante Lundy and Shanna Forrestall.  Executive Producer Neil Wells. Director Michael Liu.  Original Score by Composer Carlos Garza.

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Breathe is an 8 1/2 minute short film written and produced by Shanna Forrestall.  She also co-stars in the film with actor Escalante Lundy.  The film, which focuses on recovery from grief, showcases an original score by Carlos Garza and was shot in beautiful Lake Arrowhead, California with a primarily Louisiana connected cast and crew.  The film is currently on the festival circuit.

Executive Producer:  Neil Wells, Director:  Michael Liu, Composer:  Carlos Garza

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Breathe beautifully portrays the complexities of grief, from the emotional pain to the psychological growth.
Breathe demonstrates how we can successfully embrace grief rather than running from it. There is no healthy way around grieving - one must go through to get to the other side.

In 2014 I experienced one of the worst betrayals of my life and I went through a time of deep grieving. Breathe is not my personal story, but it is definitely an analogy; a story of love and loss.

Breathe was born in pain and ends with the triumph of learning to let it go, and I hope it will impact our audiences the way it has our devoted and hardworking cast and crew.
— Shanna Forrestall, Writer/Producer/Actress

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