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#HarveyLove - Hurricane Relief

A joint effort by Shanna Forrestall of Forrestall Consulting, Cajun Relief, Crowd Relief and the Texas Navy to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in 2017.


So proud to be working Crowd Relief, the Texas Navy and Cajun Relief Foundation on the current relief efforts in the Houston area necessary due to Hurricane Harvey.  We spent a few weeks working with a team of talented and dedicated filmmakers and volunteers to capture real time stories, and to gather data to improve relief efforts on the ground.  

A very special THANK YOU to corporate donors Bug Bam and Shaklee Corporation/Shaklee Cares who gave us some extremely useful and much needed products to distribute to those in need.  And to Elida Designs who provided some lovely rings specifically to honor generous women working in relief.

We are so grateful for the citizens who have been at the forefront of relief in that area, and to the new friends and families who hosted us, supported our work, and shared their beautiful stories with us.

You can see some pictures from our journey here to the right, and watch our team return and recap video below.  

Sincerely, Shanna



Meet our Team

SHANNA FORRESTALL - Lead Producer, Talent & Bigtime Animal Lover

'Shanna Forrestall, known as “Shanna from Louisiana”, is now based in Pasadena, CA where she provides social media and marketing consulting and digital content creation through Forrestall Consulting.  Shanna has over twenty years of experience in advertising, marketing and public relations and as the industry evolved she has come to focus on the power of social media. 

Shanna is an experienced producer with years of experience as an associate producer for a variety of television projects for networks like A&E, The History Channel and TruTV.  She has also produced six short films in the US that tackle social issues, and several video projects in India to support a school for disabled children and to raise awareness on the plight of eunuchs in Indian society.

Shanna is a lifelong humanitarian and is most proud of her non-profit work around the world.  After the Louisiana Flood of 2016, Shanna partnered with major corporations and local humanitarians to personally generate over $150,000 in resources and donations.  

When she’s not working, Shanna enjoys photography, anything with animals, second-hand store shopping and hanging with her new hubby, Gary.

Connect with Shanna:  FB - @shannafromlouisiana, IG, Twitter & Zello - @shannafromla,

Andrew Vogel

ANDREW VOGEL - Associate Producer, Talent & Dedicated Team Driver

Andrew is a producer/actor born and raised in New Orleans, LA, currently living out on the West Coast, in the other L.A. Andrew worked as the Editor of Louisiana Film and Video Magazine and The Operations Director for The Louisiana International Film Festival, and is a Co-Founder of Dynasty Pictures, a film production company. Andrew has produced/directed a series of short films, produced several music videos, and currently has a slate of feature films in different stages of development and production.

Andrew has established himself as an actor with notable credits including A Walk in the Woods starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, CBS’s Under the Dome as a recurring character, The Astronaut Wives Club on ABC, and box-office sleeper hit God’s Not Dead. Andrew has a strong background in sales and a degree in Psychology from Louisiana State University.  

Andrew enjoys gas station sunglasses, bodysurfing in low tide, and beat-boxing in crowded elevators.

Connect with Andrew:  FB - @AndrewNVogel, IG - @AndrewTheVogel, Twitter - @VogelAndrew


Nicole "Niqui Love" Lovince

NICOLE LOVINCE - Associate & Story Producer, Talent & Serious Snack Coordinator

Nicole "Niqui Love" is a bubbly New Orleans native currently based in Los Angeles as a proud SAG-AFTRA member. From a tender age she caught the entertainment bug performing at venues and events all over New Orleans and surrounding areas. So it comes as no surprise that Lovince has such a budding career in the entertainment industry!  

Nicole attended such noteworthy schools as St. Mary’s Dominican High School, University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she received Louisiana's prestigious TOPS scholarship, Bowling Green State University, and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. The aftermath of hurricane Katrina opened the door to Bowling Green State University where she received a full academic scholarship along with a BA in Film Production and a minor in Broadcasting. The skills she acquired there has allowed her to work in-front of and behind the camera! Over the years Lovince has acquired such credits as: an official media host at Essence Music Festival, an assistant casting director on T.D. Jakes film On the Seventh Day, asst. director of short film Breathe, the role of “Kori” in Universal Studios Pitch Perfect, and the role of “Rachel” in upcoming feature film Skin In the Game to name just a few.

In her spare time Lovince loves hopping on a plane, embracing adventure, and pigging out on the local food and spirits. Lovince believes colorful fresh food, a few fun workouts a week, coupled with meditation are truly the spice of life. She may even take in a hike or two when the breeze is just right or serenade you with a soulful tune of choice as her voice is one of her best kept secrets. But hey, every woman needs a few, and if you’re lucky enough, she might just tell you about her tiny house!

Connect with Nicole:  IG & Twitter - @nicolelovince, FB - @NicoleLovinceFan, IMDB -

Easton Engbrock - Actors for Autism

EASTON ENGBROCK - Videographer, Talent & Coolest Cat on the Team

Easton Engbrock has spent most of his life in California, and currently resides in Los Angeles.  

Easton is a first-year film student at AMVA, where he specialize in cinematography.  His focus so far is primarily on quality photography and video work for student films, theatrical performances, interviews and corporate digital content creation.  He also has an extensive background in Information Technology, Photography, Engineering and Cinema.  Easton’s primary interests are cinematography and tinkering with electronics. He loves to spendhis free time filming, building computers, and going on adventures with friends.     

Connect with Easton:  IG & Twitter - @3ngbrock

A Special Thanks to our volunteers working behind the scenes to assist us with administrative, logistics, research and tech tasks.