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Wildfire Relief

We are a group of concerned citizens and organizations partnering to bring love and light to survivors of the Camp Fire in and around Paradise, CA.

Holy smokes source of love & light

After the recent devastating fires, we’re partnering with the Grandmother’s Net of Light to raise funds for gift cards for affected families.

Trisha Byrnes (the group leader in Chico and also the Regional Coordinator for Northern California (and others) will ensure that the cards are delivered directly into the hands of survivors in and around Paradise, CA.

On Nov 26-28, 2018 our team joined her for a visit to give out as many gift cards, hugs and smiles as we could to local residents. We also brought lovely jewelry donations from Elida Designs to encourage relief works and survivors. We will continue to provide support and donations and will be showing you some of the amazing stories of survival, humanity and love we captured on our trip there.


Gift cards in any donation are welcome - especially in smaller donations (like $25 and $50 each). VISA, Walmart and Target cards are preferred. (PLEASE DO NOT SEND SAMS CARDS as they will not allow them to shop if they are not members. Amazon cards are also not preferred right now as most do not have the ability to receive mail/packages just yet.) NOTE: THIS IS NOT A BUSINESS; WE ARE SIMPLY CONCERNED CITIZENS HELPING OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS. THERE IS NO OVERHEAD OR EMPLOYEES - EVERY DIME DONATED GOES TO AFFECTED FAMILIES.

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We value your trust and guarantee that all cards will be accounted for and delivered directly into the hands of those who need it most. Our organizer and local contact is Trisha Byrnes who lives just outside of Paradise in Chico, and she will be supported by experienced humanitarian Shanna Forrestall.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: You can donate CASH now by Zelle to or you can mail a check or courier gift cards to “Holy Smokes” c/o Trisha Byrnes, 101 Ahwahnee Commons, # 55, Chico, CA 95928. If you need a Venmo or Paypal option, please contact Shanna at 310-744-1598.

GOT QUESTIONS? You can call or text Trisha at 949-456-5695, but please note that she is providing ongoing relief services, and will get back to you as soon as it’s possible.

HELP US SPREAD THE WORD. Whether you can or cannot donate financially, you can help our cause by spreading the word. Feel free to post/share this page.

A BIG THANK YOU: And a big Thanks to Shaklee Cares for providing a large donation of vitamins, cleaning supplies and recovery supplies for affected families. Our partners at East Avenue Church will help us to distribute them to families in need.