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Why the Girl Became a Cat

A children’s book project - written by Shanna Forrestall and illustrated by Matt De Guia.



Written/produced by Shanna Forrestall , Illustrated by Matthew De Guia, Vocals by Chloe Ray (Girl) and Shanna Forrestall, Audio Recording by Marc Preston, and Digital Editing by Kyle Helgren.

Why the Girl Became a Cat is more than a children’s book, it’s a story about inclusion, empowerment and finding your purpose. It reminds each one of us that we are worthy and brave, and that our ‘divers-abilities' are our strength. This book is for anyone who wants to unashamedly do what they want to do, be who they want to be, and have what they want to have.

In 2018 storyteller Shanna Forrestall had an idea for a children's book about a little girl and her cat.  Despite telling stories using a variety of mediums over the years, this was one story she couldn’t tell on her own. She couldn’t draw. 

Passionate about everyone finding their life's purpose – and ensuring no-one is limited by gender, race, disability or whatever – the search began for an illustrator. Matthew DeGuia is a young man on the autism spectrum, who's overcome his own challenges and along with Shanna, helped bring this powerful book to life.

The story behind the story encourages the reader to go beyond social rules and norms and spark a dialogue about what it truly means to be brave, bold and beautiful. It’s a delightful message that emboldens us to follow our hearts and not let others dictate who we are.

COMING SOON: The digital and printed book will be available soon.