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About Shanna

Biography of Shanna Forrestall of Forrestall Consulting.

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Shanna  Forrestall has been involved in storytelling since she was a little girl playing dress-up with her siblings and friends.  She’s always been captivated by unique real-life stories, and lured by the power of fables and myths to teach life truths.

Shanna  has been involved in advertising, marketing and public relations since the 1990’s, helping non-profits and small businesses to define their brand and spread their passion through personalized messaging.

Over  the past five years, as the power of social media grew, Shanna became involved social media management, social media training and finally settled on the area she connected to most… creating digital content to tell client stories.

Shanna  uses her 12+ years of working in film, TV and reality TV to help clients to produce simple, yet powerful content to use for their websites, social media and live events.  Her producing portfolio also extends to helping clients create digital assets like e-books, video trainings, and more.

She has also produced six short films in the US that tackle social issues, and several video projects in India to support a school for disabled children and to raise awareness on the plight of eunuchs in Indian society. Shanna is now also a Consulting Producer on Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery, a groundbreaking documentary by brain trauma specialist Ryan Hetrick.

Shanna  loves diversity and often partners with companies and non-profits to help them reach specific project goals.  She seeks daily to better understand herself and others, and continuously seeks to increase her knowledge in topics like relationships, team-building,  communication, personality types, love languages, etc.

Shanna  is an avid humanitarian, volunteering after natural disasters to provide immediate relief, and to fundraise and distribute long-term resources to those affected.  She also utilizes independent film-making to capture the stories of survivors and relief workers to improve response efforts for the future.

She  is passionate about equality and inclusion. Shanna mentors and hires young people on the spectrum (weekly) in her business.  She also works with non-profits and local initiatives that support abused women, animal advocacy and any human in need.

Shanna is driven and dependable.  She enjoys making the most out of whatever resources are available and is not above any task needed to make the dream or project work.  She is a mature professional always focused on saving time and money.

Shanna  grew up in South Louisiana, but lived in Toronto for five years before returning to her home state to live until 2014.  She now lives in Pasadena, CA near the San Gabriel Foothills with her husband Gary and her adopted cat Beau, but visits New Orleans (the city she calls home) often.

Shanna is a proud member of the Women’s City Club of Pasadena. Shanna’s range of experience & references may be best viewed on LinkedIn.

Interested in having Shanna emcee an event, be the face of your next commercial campaign, or produce a special project for your team?  Contact her today.

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