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About Shanna

Biography of Shanna Forrestall of Forrestall Consulting.

Shanna Forrestall of Forrestall Consulting

About "Shanna from Louisiana"

Shanna Forrestall, known as “Shanna from Louisiana”, is now based in Pasadena, CA where she provides social media and marketing consulting and a range of services through Forrestall Consulting.

Shanna has over twenty years of experience in advertising, marketing and public relations and as the industry evolved she has come to focus on the power of social media.  She has extensive experience working with non-profit works, as well as small businesses of various types.

She works with business professionals and entertainers on personal branding, companies and organizations on corporate and message branding, and most recently with single adults on online branding to improve their online dating results.

Shanna is an experienced producer with years of experience as an associate producer for a variety of television projects for networks like A&E, The History Channel and TruTV.  She has also produced six short films in the US that tackle social issues, and several video projects in India to support a school for disabled children and to raise awareness on the plight of eunuchs in Indian society.

Shanna was a professional actress for over 12 years and has been featured in more than 100 film and television projects.  Through the years, Shanna has been the face of national and regional commercial campaigns, and the chosen media spokesperson for a variety of projects in the US and Canada (she holds dual citizenship).  She has also hosted red carpets and emcee'd a variety of high level fashion and charity events like New Orleans Fashion Week, Couture for a Cause and many more.

Shanna is a lifelong humanitarian and is most proud of her non-profit work around the world.  Most recently she has been heavily involved in relief efforts with Launch Louisiana and Cajun Relief to assist her hometown and surrounding areas in south Louisiana that were devastated by extreme flooding in August 2016.  Since the flooding, Shanna has partnered with major corporations and local humanitarians to personally generate over $150,000 in resources and donations to support the over 160k families whose homes were impacted during the 1000 year flood event.   As of July 2017, many are still living in tents, trailers and temporary housing.

Shanna is currently working on relief projects in Houston and the surrounding areas.  Follow the stories on Shanna`s blog and social media.

Shanna’s range of experience & references may be best viewed on LinkedIn.

Interested in having Shanna speak or teach on social media, emcee an event, be the face of your next commercial campaign, or produce a special project for your team?  Contact her today.

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