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Breathe is an 8 1/2 min short film created by Shanna Forrestall of Forrestall Consulting to provide therapists and counselors with a useful tool for helping clients deal with grief and loss.

Breathe beautifully portrays the complexities of grief, from the emotional pain to the psychological growth. Breathe demonstrates how we can successfully embrace grief rather than running from it. There is no healthy way around grieving - one must go through to get to the other side.
— Janell Kalifey, LCSW

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Breathe is an 8 1/2 min short film created to provide therapists and counselors with a useful tool to facilitate clients dealing with grief and loss.  We all experience grief.  We all want to recover.  Breathe is a tool to help with the healing process.


* Viewing the film may allow the client to begin an internal dialogue, that can encourage conversation in session.
*   Hesitant clients may find it easier to externalize discussion of their feelings in conversation about how the characters feel or react,  before discussing their own response to grief.


* The film is ideal for hour-long sessions, allowing practitioner and client alike a break from the traditional therapy format, while still allotting time for discussion.
*The film has proven effective, reaching those who feel alone and isolated, and reminds all of us that there is no "right" way to grieve.
* The strategic lack of dialogue and powerful original score and sound design allow clients to see and feel the film deeply.  It allows clients to access the film on a less cerebral, more visceral level.
* Modern clients tend to prefer video, to simply reading or listening. Young and old clients, alike, respond to the visual format.

Executive Producer Neil Wells, Producer Shanna Forrestall, Director/DP Michael Liu, Composer Carlos Garza and Starring Escalante Lundy and Shanna Forrestall, with a special appearance by artist Jennifer Awad

The Breathe Story

“In 2014 I experienced one of the worst betrayals of my life. The months following that event were dark, to say the least.  I went through a time of deep grieving. 

Breathe is not my personal story. But it is definitely an analogy, and a story of love and loss. It looks at the fragility of our humanity and how, when we suffer a loss, we often feel isolated and can hardly carry on. 

Breathe was born in pain and ends with the triumph of learning to let it go.  I hope it will impact our audiences the way it has our devoted and hardworking cast and crew. I look forward to sharing this story with the world.”

Shanna Forrestall - Writer, Producer, Actress

“I fell in love with this project as soon as I read the original script and couldn’t wait to see it come to fruition. The story of a journey guided by the spirit world watching over captivated me. The power of the script captures this perfectly. I love this film and know you will too.” 

- Neil Wells, Executive Producer


Breathe allows you to become safe with uncomfortable feelings, and invites you to
follow two people on a journey to an unknown destination.

You’re not sure WHY you follow, you just know your eyes, ears and heart are all in.

Breathe is therapy in and of itself. It encourages the viewer to start an internal dialogue,
and leaves one ready to believe in a the possibility of unpacking what has been
held in a closed place.
— Maxine Crump, President/CEO, Dialogue on Race

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