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Creative Documentary Film Shoot needs participants!

These days I meet many people who are discouraged and frustrated with the lack of real communication in our country.  

I know, personally, I often feel frustrated because words fail me and I can't seem to adequately express the love, hope, frustration, pain (I'm dealing with chronic pain issues) and fear that I feel.  

I want to invite some "friends" to try a different kind of communication.  I am looking for authentic people who can be very present to participate in an experimental film project that will allow people of all ages/types to "communicate" something they have been wanting/needing to "say" without words.


Individually (I will be the only person in the room with you) we will provide nontoxic body paints and you will have a window of time to use your face/body as a palette to express with color something you really want/need to say.  We are going to keep the room very simple with just you, the paints, a big mirror and the cameras.

Pregnant and can't tell anyone yet?
Scared your relationship will fail?
Worried your husband's cheating?
Love your spouse or child so much words just don't measure up?
Afraid you have a disease?
Need to work up the courage to tell your family you're gay?
Feeling lonely, powerless, powerful, or just a mixture of emotions?

Whatever you have to say, we want to give you a sacred space to say it ... your way.

This is not meant to be a performance piece, just an experimental film piece that shows how authentic communication can happen outside of traditional conversations, and to encourage us all to find new ways to emote, express and connect.

Please submit ASAP with a headshot and let me know why you're interested in the project by email to   Feel free to share with anyone you feel would be interested.  All types needed (ages 15-100).

Shoot date is set for Monday, July 16th in Pasadena, CA.  We will have a window (between 3-7 pm) for our guests to come by and will coordinate an exact schedule before the date.  Let me know what time works best for you.  

We will ask participants to wear all white or all black (white tank/sports bra/Tshirt and underwear/shorts/etc) with little to no makeup - we want to see the real you.

There is no pay.  We hope the right people will be drawn for the experience.  Participants must be willing to sign a liability waiver for our (donated) location, and an image release for project use.  There is ample free parking at the location.

Sincerely, Shanna Forrestall
(Actor, Producer, Human)

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