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Short Films

A series of short films produced by Shanna Forrestall of  Forrestall Consulting, formerly LA Film Resources.



We make films because we have questions, not answers. We hope that the short films we produce can lead to conversations that pave the way to solutions for us all. 


BREATHE - "In, Out, Repeat"

In December 2015 I produced my sixth short film, a powerful 9 minute piece on loss and grief.  This small budget short film is the result of some of the most creative and hardworking people I know pouring their love, compassion and skill into this passion project.  

The film stars Escalante Lundy & Shanna Forrestall, with a special appearance by Jennifer Awad of Kardia Gallery.  Executive Producer Neil Wells, Director Michael Liu, Composer Carlos Garza.

The film features an experienced cast and an original score and audiences have found it "touching" and "thought provoking."  Rights to utilize the film for audience screenings and to facilitate conversations in group or individual therapy sessions are available.    

Follow the film on Facebook.  Contact us to watch the completed film, or to discuss screening rights.


ETERNO - "Sometimes Love Burns"

Eterno was shot for the Reel 8 Contest thru Timecode Nola.  I was very lucky to have a team of wonderful talented friends who stepped up to help this little idea that had been playing in my head for years come to life.

With the incomparable JonGunnar Gylfason at our helm directing and shooting the 8 mm camera (black/white), Sean Woods collected slow motion footage on a modern video camera (color), and Steve Hammond and Nijme Rinaldi Nun captured stills of the shoot and the crew working hard behind the scenes.

The 3 min film screened (unedited) as an 8 mm film at the Timecode Nola event, but is now in a final version as a multi-media experimental short film.  The film stars Chad Graham & Shanna Forrestall, and was Directed and Edited by JonGunnar Gylfason with an original score by Carlos Garza.

If you’ve ever had a relationship that didn’t work out… trust us…you’ll relate.

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FETTUCCINE - "A Love Affair"

A few years ago a group of talented New Orleans based filmmakers graciously helped me bring this little story idea to life by transforming modern New Orleans into a highly stylized European influenced world fitting of the unique black and white medium of 8 mm film. 

This 2.5 minute short film offers a new take on the “Spaghetti Western” and it's gets a little saucy (adults only please).  The film was directed by JonGunnar Gylfason, production designed by Cindi Knapton, scored by Ben Shea, and brought to you by the talented team of art department and creative production assistants who did anything and everything needed to make it happen!

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