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Post Hurricane Katrina - Love and Survivor Stories Live On

Yesterday was the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (8/29/05) which started me on a series of relief efforts in and around my home state of Louisiana until I moved to Cali and started helping here.

I am drawn to help people after natural disasters and have had some amazing experiences while generating volunteers, donations and cash for survivors.

I'm also a storyteller, so along the way I record stories when I can - because I believe the stories of survivors, relief workers and everyone affected can teach us things we need to learn before the next one...

As we're coming up to the 1 year anniversary of the #Campfire in Northern California that devastated the town of Paradise, CA and the surrounding area, my team and I (which utilizes mentors/hires several young men on the autism spectrum BTW), just released a 3.5 minute inspirational video telling a survivor story.

It's a "feel good" and "motivational" story that will inspire and encourage anyone going through a rough time. Please watch and share if you know someone it can help. #naturaldisaster #citizenledrelief #recovery