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Sending Love Across the Miles

Excited to announce the our Los Angeles Coat Drive for the Launch Louisiana “Coats for Cajuns” campaign was very successful.

I far exceeded my personal goal of 100 lbs of coats and we ended up shipping over 230 lbs of coats, blankets and winter clothing to families in south Louisiana recovering from the 2016 flooding.  I was astounded by the generosity of neighbors, friends, our business networking groups and the local church who participated.

If you’ve been looking for an individual or family to help this holiday season, Launch Louisiana is participating in the Cajun Santa Campaign – a joint initiative that allows humanitarians across the nation to choose from a variety of initiatives by credible Louisiana non profits!

You can buy a beautiful piece of custom art that supports relief work, donate funds to help a family buy sheetrock to get back into their home for the holidays, or find something more suited to your budget and personal passion for giving.

Whatever you do, enjoy the holidays, and don’t forget to be kind to the people around you.  The holidays are a difficult time for many who have lost family or friends.

Sincerely, Shanna