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And We All Deserve Love

This Valentine's Day I'm extremely grateful for my lovely little family.  It took me many years to find the man of my dreams and to build a "family" that feels warm, safe and always full of love.

But today, I am doing what I do on every holiday for the past few years, and that is to focus on the REASON behind the holiday ... for me.  Valentine's Day, of course, is love.  

Today everyone is my Valentine, because I believe that we all deserve love.  Simply because we are here.  Today is not about being wanted physically by the opposite or same sex, or in having found your life partner, today is just about loving you, and me, and all of us.

Many of the great love affairs of my life were not with traditional lovers, but with the friends who have come into my life to carry me through dark passes, or who were there to celebrate joyous moments, or who pushed me to become more than I am, because they ... saw me!

Love can be found in small moments, a simple kind touch, a tiny thoughtful gift, a courtesy, a compliment... sometimes all it takes to love someone in a moment is to ... simply see them.

Today, let's see one another.  Let's celebrate one another.  Let's love.  And then hey, let's do it again tomorrow too.  Who says a holiday has to last just one day?

Smiles, Hugs and so much Love,


*  For Vday I commissioned the talented Charisse at Be Wildly Happy to create a custom family portrait for us so that I could get a print for my love to hang in his office, and I ABSOLUTELY ADORE it.  If you know us well, you know this is a beautiful colorful representation of who we are, including my boy Beau.