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Mardi Gras Party Supports Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery

Our Mardi Gras Party was a great success because of YOU!

Because of your incredible generosity we were able to raise funds for the Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery online community and documentary project!

With one in 36 children diagnosed with autism spectrum conditions, and the number, rising, brain trauma specialist Ryan Hetrick, who works daily with children on the spectrum, has spent the last few years capturing footage of real families seeing autism recovery, and interviews with medical specialists to chronicle the journey to hope.

The documentary film set to release in the summer of 2018, called Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery, captures the success of families and practitioners who are drastically transforming the lives of children with autism through dietary adjustments.  The film educates and motivates viewers to restore balance for future generations.  

The pictures from the party are posted on our Facebook page in the Mardis Gras Party 2018 Album.  

We have a Video Playlist on the FB page called "Mardi Gras Party 2018 - Moments" check it out to find some fun video clips and boomerangs!  

This wasn't our first party and it won't be our last, so take a minute to LIKE and FOLLOW us on Facebook so we can stay connected. We want to be sure you know what's coming up next!

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR CORPORATE DONORS:  Gemlife Financial, We Olive Pasadena, Restoring Balance:Autism Recovery, Country'n More, & Bayou Boys Spice Company.

Sincerely, Shanna Forrestall

Shanna Forrestall - Forrestall Consulting - Pasadena, CA