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Not Just Small Talk - Ep. 2 - "A Faith Taste Test"

For Episode 2 of Not Just Small Talk, recorded by chance on Juneteenth, my guest is Nicole Lovince, a singer/songwriter, actress, producer and multi-talented creative powerhouse who talks about her experience "trying on" Ramadan and how it impacted her life and her faith. 

Nicole or "Niqui Love" as she is called, discusses her Southern religious roots, how they influenced her connection to the Divine and even shares a special acapella performance that will make you feel like you've been to church today...

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Listen to the Interview

Not Just Small Talk w/ Shanna Forrestall - Episode 2 features special guest singer Nicole Lovince - "A Faith Taste Test". Shanna Forrestall, known as "Shanna from Louisiana", has over twenty years of experience in advertising, marketing and public relations in the US and Canada, and as the industry evolved she has come to focus on the power of social media.

Watch Nicole Lovince & Shanna share a special impromptu performance moment.