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Hope on the Spectrum

Shanna Forrestall - Forrestall Consulting - Restoring Balance

Autism and Recovery are two words we haven't heard put together till recently.  I'm excited to be working with an online community that is working to help parents of autistic children with up to date research and knowledge to help them find their family's path to "recovery."

Learn more about the amazing results they've seen over the past few years, and the documentary coming on out in 2018 to share the good news that recovery is possible.

"The project captures the success of practitioners and families, like Theodore and his mother who changed my personal perspective (as an autism & brain trauma specialist), and showed me that autism is actually a medical condition with behavioral symptoms, and that when diet and environmental interventions are used, recovery is possible.  

I've seen many families suffer without this practical information, and after I”ve seen the difference behaviorally in Theodore, and the other children that have been treated medically, I am compelled to spread the good news about the tools that have helped them to live the dream of more independent lives." - Ryan Hetrick, Restoring Balance Autism