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A series of blogs by  Shanna Forrestall of Forrestall Consulting.  #sms4u #dontbeamonkey

My Take on #MeToo

The whole #metoo phenomenon has been a triggering experience for many of us.  We lived through it, and then we had to re-live it through the countless stories of women and men across our nation who found the courage to speak.

Last night I did a creative collaboration with some talented people, including one of my best friends.  We did a series entitled "Broken Birds," our homage to all of the victims of sexual abuse in this country.  

No matter what the results of the shoot are, I'm proud to be a part of the male and female creatives of this country, in developing conversation, about what HAS happened, about what MUST HAPPEN, and WILL HAPPEN to prevent more atrocities in the future.

Happy International Women's Day ladies.  May you heal yourself and others, may you shine on forever, may you find your place in honor, dignity and love on this broken planet.

Smiling through tears, Shanna