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Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery Documentary to Be Released in 2018
Child Eating Healthy Food - Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery - Ryan Hetrick

Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery is an online educational program for families with children on the spectrum. Ryan Hetrick, the creator of the project, is an autism and brain trauma specialist who’s spent the last few years focused on “autism recovery” with diet and environmental interventions.

Hetrick recently announced a documentary film project by the same name in the final stages of editing that captures the success of practitioners and families using the methods. Real life stories are included that changed his personal perspective and showed him that autism is actually a medical condition with behavioral symptoms, and that when diet and environmental interventions are used, recovery is possible. It also includes a series of interviews with medical professionals finding success in the field.

he project is sponsored in part by From the Heart Productions, Dr. Alisa Wolfe of Actors for Autism, and four time Emmy nominated animator Charlie Canfield has also joined the project. The film is set to premiere at the Autism One conference in Chicago in May 2018.

Hetrick is also currently collaborating with Pasadena-based producer Shanna Forrestall of Forrestall Consulting, visual artist and life coach Charrise McCrorey of Be Wildly Happy and recognized singer/songwriter Jeff Gold of Jeff Gold Music to create unique visual and musical assets to support the online community and documentary project.

“I've seen many families suffer without this practical information, and after I’ve seen the difference first-hand behaviorally in children that have been treated medically, I am compelled to spread the good news about the tools that have helped them to live the dream of more independent lives” - Ryan Hetrick

Read the full press release from Restoring Balance about the project.