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Not Just Small Talk - Ep. 8 - "Bringing Peace Into Your Life"

For Episode 8 of Not Just Small Talk , recorded at the beautiful University Club Library in Pasadena, CA, my special guest is jewelry-maker and vintage stylist Gayl Pinnock of Loved More This Time and Vintage & Divinity.

We met through her stunning jewelry, and I now proudly own several pieces that are seriously show-stoppers. I get compliments on them constantly.

Since our initial meeting at an artist event in Los Angeles, we’ve become friends, and I’ve come to really appreciate her kind and creative soul.

Gayl talks with me about her journey to making jewelry with impact, and gives us tips for being intentional about bringing more peace into our lives.

You can find Gayl on Instagram at @lovedmorethistime and @vintageanddivinity. #notjustsmalltalk #shannanigans #podcast

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Not Just Small Talk Podcast - Ep. 3 - "A Blended Faith Family"

For Episode 3 of Not Just Small Talk, recorded at the lovely Women's City Club of Pasadena, my special guest is "Rae" Rachimah Magnuson a compassionate community leader who grew up in a family of many faiths.  She talks about her unique experiences living life with a "blended family" and how her experiences shaped her personal faith today.

*We are in the process of changing our name as someone had already claimed Be a Better Human.  Please be patient as we update the audio/video files.  Thank you.

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Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery Documentary to Be Released in 2018

“I've seen many families suffer without this practical information, and after I’ve seen the difference first-hand behaviorally in children that have been treated medically, I am compelled to spread the good news about the tools that have helped them to live the dream of more independent lives” - Ryan Hetrick


Read the full press release from Restoring Balance about the project.

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Custom Content to Create Your Brand's Story

You've got a dream, and we want to help you reach it.  We've invested in the modern mobile gear and have the expertise to help you capture the digital content you need to tell the story of your brand.


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