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Crowd Relief Starts with You & Me

I’ve been partnering with Rob Gaudet and Melissa Adair of Cajun Relief for awhile, but their new initiative Crowd Relief has me super excited!  I’m obviously a fan of the power of digital to “do good” and this is modern relief management at it’s finest.

Their new app allows supporters of disaster relief around the world to contribute to specific family needs in the wake of a disaster with the touch of a button.

Developed in the wake of Louisiana’s catastrophic flood event last year, the app works like a “gift registry” – allowing donors to choose a family and see their story, learn more about their specific needs (that have been vetted by a volunteer case worker), and then donate in the simplest way possible.

Many Americans are generous and want to help.  This specific incremental giving mechanism allows all of us to be a part of the effort, effortlessly.

This past week I was able to fly down to produce some video content with a magnificent team of young filmmakers.  Their enthusiasm and compassion were a beautiful sight to behold as we captured family’s stories, interviewed key Crowd Relief staff and took a digital look at the current needs in the south Louisiana community first-hand.  Be on the look out for short videos that help you learn more about the effort, the affected families and the team making it happen – coming soon.

And hey, got a few dollars extra this week?  Help a family get back on their feet today at  Last week I donated $40 to buy a set of sheets for an elderly lady, and I slept better for it.  Generosity helps us all!

Smiles, Shanna

P.S.  Special thanks to volunteers Paulette Wunstel and Lauri Mills who helped us to hydrate and feed our amazing crew!  To Penny Shar and Shaunda Metoyer for allowing us to follow them in their work…. and to our crew…. mwah!  Evan KiddChris EdwardsKikala DialloMichael SeaberryAriana WallsAlex Hebert & Sebastian Pereira.

And so much gratitude to Scottie Hunter at WAFB Channel 9 who came out to cover our efforts and did a great news story on the new app!