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Not Just Small Talk Podcast - Ep. 3 - "A Blended Faith Family"

For Episode 3 of Not Just Small Talk, recorded at the lovely Women's City Club of Pasadena, my special guest is "Rae" Rachimah Magnuson a compassionate community leader who grew up in a family of many faiths.  She talks about her unique experiences living life with a "blended family" and how her experiences shaped her personal faith today.

*We are in the process of changing our name as someone had already claimed Be a Better Human.  Please be patient as we update the audio/video files.  Thank you.

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Angels & A**holes

The older I get, the more I realize that life is not easily defined.  As a child in a religious home, we read stories of good and bad in the Bible and other fairy tales, but as an adult in a gray world, that’s hardly the case.

People are not just one or the other. Good or Bad.  Hero or Antagonist.  Many times, they’re both, it just depends on the day....

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