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Not Just Small Talk - Ep. 5 - "A Passion for Food"

For Episode 5 of Not Just Small Talk , recorded at the historic Blinn House/Women's City Club of Pasadena, my special guest is Chef Carmen Richardson - a passionate chef who’s culinary skills bring creativity to the dinner table.

She talks about her process to create food that impacts, and why dining together is an important ritual. Learn more about Chef Carmen at

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Listen to the Interview Now -

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Not Just Small Talk - Ep. 1 - "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Mind"

Join Shanna Forrestall of as she chats with thought leaders to discuss ideas for small steps we can all take to create major change.

Episode 1 features Dr. Joanne Royer of Change Agents & Associates.

*We are in the process of changing our name as someone had already claimed Be a Better Human.  Please be patient as we update the audio/video files.  Thank you.

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Tea Time with the Future

Yesterday I had tea with a lovely young man and his mother.  Patrick, who now works with me weekly on editing projects for the digital content work we do for clients, is a wonderful fella I've known for a few years now.  

He's a shining example of the kind of unique workers we can hire when we look outside the "norm."  I met Patrick through the AMVA ( program that takes young people just out of high school and teaches them practical film/production skills.  He's been a terrific asset and his intelligence, wit and work ethic continue to amaze me.

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